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List of Other Services

  • Full grooming of all dog and cat breeds

  • Teeth brushing

  • Skunk and odor control

  • Medicated shampoos

  • All Natural Yucca ear wash

  • Cat baths and clipping

  • Nail clipping

  • Cat Facials with Espree Foaming Bath

  • Pawdicure (Dremeling) for pampered pooches

  • All Natural Yucca Flea Baths

  • Dematting


Play Dates

Pet Play Day is a socialization and exercise program for puppies and dogs at least 7 months of age, who are neutered and spayed, and not aggressive.  Must be up to date on all vaccines, including kennel cough vaccine.  Call the office for details.  Conor, Roxi and Lulu want to welcome all qualified dogs to join them for fun and games.

Pet Play Days take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30am til 5:00pm!

Express Bathing

Slippery Rock Pet Grooming is introducing "Express Pet Bathing" to our line of services. For pets who do not require full grooming or complete bathing package, we will offer this new service. You can elect to wait while we bath and dry your pet, or come back when convenient. The service involves a basic bath and blow dry. If a premium shampoo is elected, then an extra charge

will be added. One of our employees will be glad to discuss the service with you.

Price ranges from $15.00-$20.00 depending on size.

Cat Grooming

The best candidates for Cat Grooming are indoor cats. Services offered include:

  • Claw Clipping

  • Cat Bathing

  • Cat Dematting

  • Lion Clip (or shortening long haired cats)

  • Brush-outs

We also offer an all natural hair-ball formula, as well as a small selection of cat collars

and harnesses.

Fleas and Ticks

If you suspect that your pet has fleas or ticks, we use a full line of natural shampoos to eliminate the existing fleas. This process does not prevent re-infestation and an appropriate flea treatment should be considered for the health and comfort of your pet.


A dematting fee is based on $10 for 20 minutes.. To avoid an extra dematting fee, we urge you to take care of your pet at home. We will be happy to show you the combs, brushes, and techniques necessary to groom your pet’s coat between appointments.


We receive many phone calls for price quotes. It is difficult for us to give you a firm price without seeing your pet. Our fees are based on breed, size, and time involved in the grooming process. We will, however, try to give you an approximate price.

Full Grooming Service Continued...

In addition to our full-groom package, we provide the “Bath and Brush Basic” for dogs and cats. This includes a HydroSurge bath, brush-out, nail trimming and ear cleaning. We will also do a coat clipping or nail trimming only, if desired.

Full Grooming Service

A full groom of your dog or cat occurs in three steps. First, your pet is brushed, checked for tangles and pre-clipped. The ears are cleaned with an all-natural yucca ear wash and the toe nails are trimmed. Next, your pet is bathed using our HydroSurge Powerwash System. The shampoos we use are all natural and designed for your pet’s coat. Conditioner may be applied, if necessary. Finally, your pet is forced air dried or kennel dried and a final clipping and brush-out is completed.  Cologne or finishing spray is provided.

During the grooming process, we inspect your pet for lumps, skin problems, or parasites. We will advise you of any problems.