Lisa Buzard

I joined Slippery Rock Pet Grooming as a Groomers Assistant in August 2013, and became a Groomer in February 2014.  I grew up on a farm where I was always surrounded by animals and learned to love and respect them.  I attended Clarion University where I received a BS in Psychology, Minor in history, and a Masters in Business Administration.  I also received a Certification in Pet Grooming and Pet Hygiene from Wag My Tail Inc.  I have a 9 year old cat named Harriet, a 1 year Shih Tzu named Flora, and recently adopted a 10 year old Shih Tzu named Izzy.

Sarah Morrison

I recently started at Slippery Rock Pet Grooming in August 2014 as a Groomers Assistant.  Growing up my family always had all kinds of pets that I have loved and cared for.  As a teenager I started working for my Aunt who owns a grooming shop in the Erie area.  Here I got hands on experience with grooming.  As I pursue a degree at Slippery Rock University, I am delighted to have joined the Slippery Rock Pet Grooming Family.

Lori Soose

I have been a dedicated supporter of Slippery Rock Pet Grooming since 2003. My dog, Harley K is now 11 years old and started with Slippery Rock Pet Grooming since 3 months old. I am the birthday and holiday treat baker and I help support the yearly fundraiser or the Butler County Humane Society. It is a pleasure and honor to volunteer my services to such loving and dedicated owners and caring staff.

Tia Uber

I'm 29 years old and live in Grove city with my husband Jessi, (we're getting ready to celebrate 10 years!)  And my four fur babies  Oliver , Toby, Shadow , and new baby kitten Mila! I just recently rescued her from right here in slippery rock. I am a big believer in rescuing animals in need and finding them the loving homes they deserve. Almost all my own were in fact rescues. I have a degree in aesthetics but my passion is working with the four-legged. I've been doing so for just under a decade.  When  I'm not at the gym, I'm spending time with my family and friends.

Meet our Staff

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Carol Weghorst

I started Slippery Rock Pet Grooming because I have always had a love dogs and cats as a child and as an adult, including some other wild pets such as rabbits and birds, whom I was always trying to nurse back to health. I followed the path of Nursing (for humans) for 33 years. Throughout my life, I always had pets with way too much hair and I like to keep pets clean and smelling fresh. It was time for me to learn the proper and easier way to groom our hairy rescued pet dog, Patter, and kitty cat, Tiger to reduce shedding and make them comfortable and clean. I went to grooming school in 2001 at the Pennsylvania Academy of Pet Grooming in Indiana, PA. I enjoyed the classes and pets so much and knew that our area had a need for my services as people were driving long distances for grooming. I opened my own salon in 2001 and have been in the Slippery Rock Professional Building ever since.

About the Owner

  • Well-established. We have been open since March 2002
  • We pride ourselves on a professional and sanitary environment for your pet.
  • We use a Hydrosurge Bathing System
  • We groom all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats
  • We do hand-stripping of terriers
  • We show respect for all the animals
  • We have an experienced and professional staff
  • We continue our education to stay up-to-date on all the latest grooming techniques
  • We have a wide client base that encompasses Butler, Mercer, Lawrence, and Allegheny counties.

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Carol Weghorst, Certified Groomer

Lisa Buzard, Certified Groomer

Tia Uber, Groomer Assistant

Sarah Morrison, Grooming Assistant

Lori Soose, Volunteer

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